It’s About Life Skills

Overland Park Karate Kids Moving Punch

Confidence • Self-Esteem • Humility
Achieving Goals • Leadership

The Overland Park Karate Kids program instills focus, confidence and character to help children find balance and success in their pursuits. Classes are designed to challenge children at an appropriate level so they achieve goals and learn the benefits of their efforts in a fun, friendly and encouraging setting.

In addition to supportive and experienced instructors, children benefit from the camaraderie and friendship of fellow students. Mutual respect is an important part of the Karate Kids program. Children are taught to be friendly, polite, respectful and to extend themselves to others.

We make leadership fun and exciting. It’s never too early to learn how to introduce yourself to others, lead a small group, and become a role model. The life skills learned in the Overland Park Karate Kids program serve children well beyond the training floor.

Overland Park Karate Kids is Character Development

Self-Defense • Discipline

The Overland Park Karate Kids program is based on traditional Korean karate, Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do. Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do is the original style of Tae Kwon Do. Enjoying a rich heritage, the Karate Kids is a fun, upbeat, age-appropropriate curriculum focusing on safety, structure and quality instruction.

Training instills the values of a traditional martial arts program:  discipline, character and self-control. Yes, we will teach your child how to kick and punch. We will also emphasize that physical confrontations are an absolute last resort and should be avoided at all costs. Children learn how to diffuse difficult situations and avoid trouble. Overland Park Karate Kids teaches children to respect the skills which they develop through mutual respect and humility.

Overland Park Karate Kids Side Kick

Fitness is Fun

Overland Park Karate Kids Push-Ups

Balance • Coordination • Flexibility
Strength • Endurance

Fitness is the foundation of an active, healthy lifestyle. It’s not always easy getting children to move and work up a sweat! But when it’s fun, engaging and done with a peer group focused on success, fitness becomes fun.

Done in the context of martial arts skills, drills and team building activities, fitness can become a lifetime habit for children. The key is to start young and stay consistent. By keeping the emphasis on the “fun” and the “martial arts”, fitness becomes something children enjoy. At Overland Park Karate, we constantly mix it up to keep the children engaged and excited. A fun blend of drills, obstacles, games, and challenges keep the classes fresh.

Not only a is fitness a necessary part of a physical health, it’s a key component of a healthy mindset as well. An active, healthy child benefits from confidence, energy and motivation.