Family & Adult Karate Classes

Overland Park Karate and Martial Arts

Family Martial Arts for
All Ages & Skill Levels

Overland Park Karate offers family and adult martial arts classes for all ages and skill levels. Classes are structured so that members of various ages and abilities can train together and be challenged at the appropriate level. This is ideal for families wanting to train and support one another in their martial arts journey.

No matter what your skill level, you will find a healthy mix of fun, martial arts and fitness. Classes are mentally and physically challenging for all skill levels. At Overland Park Karate, we get to know each and every member and their goals. We understand that what is easy for some is challenging for others. Personal attention and quality instruction is the defining factor of our martial arts program.

Martial arts training is more than just family fun. It is a pathway to an active, healthy lifestyle. Overland Park Karate has family memberships and a class schedule that will accommodate the busiest of lifestyles.

Self-Defense for Today’s Challenges

Self-Defense • Combatives
Situational Awareness

Society presents many challenges that are constantly evolving. The skills needed to recognize and de-escalate dangerous situations are integral part of our training. Overland Park Karate does more than focus on the physical aspects of self-defense. It is much easier to recognize and avoid confrontations before they become physical. Mindset and situational awareness are two of your most powerful self-defense tools.

Our martial arts program focuses on mindset as the key component of self-defense. Participants learn about attack indicators, the mindset of aggressors and how to diffuse potentially dangerous situations.

However, if you must physically defend yourself, you must have the proper skill set and confidence to use it. Overland Park Karate teaches powerful, yet simple techniques that work under stressful circumstances where fine motor skills will be limited.

Learn effective self-defense in a safe, professional environment.

Overland Park Family & Adult Karate

Functional Fitness for an Active Lifestyle

Overland Park Adult Karate Side Kick

Balance • Coordination • Flexibility
Strength • Endurance

Function fitness is movement that improves daily activity. Martial arts training is the ultimate functional fitness training. Whether you want to better defend yourself, run faster on the playing field, or improve your endurance so you can keep up with your children, martial arts training at Overland Park Karate is an excellent workout.

Martial arts training has long been known for its health benefits. Most techniques involve multi-point movements centered around developing flexibility, balance and and strength. Classes are physically demanding, yet doable by all levels of fitness. Members work at their own pace and abilities.

Working out can be boring and monotaneous. Staying fit has never been more fun! Enjoy the encouragement and camaraderie of members and instructors. Martial arts training has the unique benefit of fitness as well as self-defense training.