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Overland Park Karate Kids is a fun, engaging, challenging program geared towards children ages 5 through 10. The Karate Kids curriculum is based on traditional martial arts, with an emphasis on discipline, physical fitness, self-esteem, and character development. The Overland Park Karate Kids program is a perfect balance of age-appropriate activities aimed at helping children develop the tools and mindset needed to improve in all aspects of their lives. Our instructors work with students on an individual level to make sure they are successful and enjoy the rewards of their hard work. Classes are structured so that participants have fun while exercising the discipline and perseverance needed to achieve their goals.

Karate Kids has its roots in traditional Korean karate, Tae Kwon Do. The rank system consists of six belts, with a set of requirements for each. Participants start with the fundamentals; learning balance, coordination and focus. Students are introduced to basic techniques such as kicks, strikes and blocks. All techniques are taught in a fun, safe, and friendly manner. As students progress, they advance in rank and learn more complex techniques. A important part of the Overland Park Karate Kids program is teaching life skills. Character development with an emphasis on humility, respect and perseverance is an integral part of the Karate Kids program.