Leadership Team

David DiBella
David DiBellaFounder
Having founded Overland Park Karate in 2003, David started his martial arts training in 1983 at Chung’s Karate School in Kansas City, Missouri. Born and raised in Kansas City, David started Overland Park Karate with the idea of bringing together a community of dedicated and hard-working members by providing the highest level of instruction. David is a 5th degree Black Belt in Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do, traditional Korean karate.

A passion for martial arts runs in the family. David lives in Overland Park with his wife and two boys, all of whom are into the martial arts, running, weight training and all things active. David is a KU graduate and holds an MBA.

Art Kennedy
Art Kennedy3rd Degree Black Belt
“My son, Conor, and I started training with Master DiBella in 2005. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Dave’s focus on leadership, perseverance and being the best you can be all while making class fun is what makes our studio special.”
Tim Danneberg
Tim Danneberg3rd Degree Black Belt
Tim and his two son have been training at a Overland Park Karate since 2004.
Chris Ortiz
Chris Ortiz3rd Degree Black Belt
Chris has been training in the martial arts since he was 7. Chris teaches Karate Kids, a program he was a student in over a decade ago.
Matt Danda
Matt Danda3rd Degree Black Belt
Matt started his training in the mid-1980’s. As teenagers, Matt and David DiBella trained together at Chung’s Karate School in Kansas City, Mo.
Henry Danneberg
Henry Danneberg3rd Degree Black Belt
Henry has been training at Overland Park Karate since he was 4. He trains with his father and younger brother. A freshman at the University of Kansas, Henry is active in KU’s Tae Kwon Do program.
Jianghua (Wendy) He
Jianghua (Wendy) He3rd Degree Black Belt
Wendy has been training at Overland Park Karate since 2007.
Connor Kennedy
Connor Kennedy3rd Degree Black Belt
Conor began training with his dad, Art, in 2005. Conor is a student at Kansas State University and is the Treasure of the Tae Kwon Do club. Conor enjoys working with members and teaching the Karate Kids program.
Krissie DiBella
Krissie DiBella1st Degree Black Belt
Krissie has been training in the martial arts for 8 years and holds a 1st Degree Black Belt. Krissie, along with her husband David, founded Mindful Defense™ – a comprehensive self-defense program for all skill levels, regardless of age, gender or physical ability.